Volunteer Opportunities

The following is a list of the many volunteer opportunities that exist at West School for parents interested in getting involved and promoting a culture of excellence and learning at West School!

For more information about volunteer opportunities, 

please contact VP of Volunteers Jinah Banatao or Liz Koo. 

Please visit West's Konstella website for access to the online sign up sheets.

Art in Action

Two Docents and 2 or 3 assistants for each class help lead 5 to 6 Art in Action sessions each year, in consultation with the class teacher. Each session usually lasts about 2 hours, and art materials are provided. Docents are required to attend one training session held by Art in Action at the beginning of the year, where they will learn about the artists that each grade will study, and the art pieces that each grade will produce for the year.

 Bingo Night

This annual themed social event, featuring a delicious buffet dinner and Bingo with loads of prizes, is exciting and entertaining for the entire family! Volunteers on the committee will work with the co-chairs to choose a theme, secure a caterer, procure decorations and Bingo prizes, produce and collect RSVP forms, and help set-up and clean-up on day of event.

 Book Fair

The West School Book Fair, featuring the latest in children's books, games, crafts and toys, will be held for a week in December and proceeds from the book fair will go directly to support the West School library. Volunteers on the committee will work under the direction of the co-chairs and librarian, & assist with set-up, sales, and break-down


Help to ensure that West is prepared in case of an emergency by coordinating our effects with state codes.

Halloween Parade

There is no spookier, more exciting place to celebrate Halloween than at West School's Halloween Parade each year! Volunteers on this committee will help the co-chairs decorate the school for Halloween, devise, and manage the route that teachers and students will take for the Halloween Parade, and organize games and activities on the blacktop.


Hillsborough is unique compared to other school districts in that it has its own television station, HTV. Volunteers on this committee will take video footage of classroom activities, presentations & celebrations as well as field trips, musicals and other West school events that will be aired on HTV. This is a great opportunity for those of you who like to be in the classroom! Video camera and training will be provided to all volunteers and no previous experience is required.


Volunteers with this committee are helping to directly benefit the statff.  Duties involve planning food and drinks for Trustee and Superintendent Meetings and keeping the teachers lounge stocked.


Choicelunch is the lunch service provider for Hillsborough schools.  Choicelunch's slogan is "We make scrumptious, nutritious lunches that lead to healthier lives."  We need volunteers during the lunch hour to help distribute lunches daily to students who ordered them.  Each time you volunteer, you also get credit towards the purchase of a lunch!

 Library Volunteer

Students at West School are indeed lucky in that they have unlimited access to a modern, well-organized library with an extensive collection of children's books, magazines, reference texts and audio-visual resources at their school. Students in each class spend one or 2 hours each week with the library specialist, where they learn about library and research skills among other things. Volunteers are needed for each class to help the students check in and check out books during their library time, as well as to assist the librarian with various sorting and organizing tasks.

 New Parent Reception

The New Parent Reception is a wonderful event, held at the home of a West family, to welcome Kindergarten and new West families, to provide an opportunity for them to meet other longtime West families; and to learn more about the wonderful events, activities, classroom experiences, & volunteer opportunities that await them at West school! Volunteers on this committee will work with the co-chairs and host, in finding a caterer, creating, and collecting RSVP forms, and in event logistics on the day of the event.

Picture Day

Help capture our children’s portraits on this memorable day.  Volunteers help organize and coordinate classrooms with the picture taking process.

 Staff Appreciation Week

What makes West school outstanding is the incredible commitment and caliber of staff and teachers who strive every day to promote a culture of learning and excellence. Each year in May, West School honors its teachers and staff during the Staff Appreciation Week, a special week where staff are treated to goodies such as a morning coffee cart, breakfast, flowers, cards and other surprises. Volunteers are needed to help with the planning and coordination of these week-long activities.


Staff Appreciation Holiday Coffee

Volunteers on this committee will bake and cook delicious pastries and breakfast treats for West school teachers and staff to enjoy on a December morning along with some specialty coffee, and will also help with event logistics.


Variety Show

Volunteers will help organize and coordinate the students involved.


Teacher Appreciation Luncheon

The Staff Appreciation Lunch is the culmination of the Staff Appreciation Week, a luncheon to celebrate and recognize the wonderful staff and teachers at West school. Volunteers on this committee will assist the Co-chairs with invitations, decorations, teacher gifts, as well as set-up and clean-up on day of the event.


Traffic/Safety and Lost & Found

At West School, the safety of our students is our number one priority. To this end, Volunteers are needed to assist children in and out of cars during the morning drop off in the loading zone at the front of the school, to ensure child safety and smooth traffic flow. If you enjoy seeing the children's smiles in the morning, working with a group of dedicated and fun volunteers and working with our principal, then traffic & safety is the job for you!


Wee Care

Wee Care is a wonderful program which joins students, teachers and parents together in supporting children and families in need throughout San Mateo County. Every month, West families join force to collect and donate a specific group of items, details of which will be announced ahead of time in a flyer and in West World. These donations are collected in large bins at the front of the school. Supporting the Wee Care program is an excellent way for West children to develop a sense of community awareness, and to support others in need. Volunteers on this committee will assist the co-chairs in designing and distributing flyers for specific collection drives, and assist in transporting the collected donations to the charity site.


Welcome Back Carnival

The Welcome Back Carnival is an incredible West community building event which brings together whole families, including dads and grandparents; and gives the West families a chance to reconnect at the beginning of the school year.  Volunteers on this committee will assist the co-chairs in organizing the food and activities, event promotion and publicity, and in set-up, management and clean-up on day of the event.


 Yearbook and Yearbook Photographers

The West School Parent Group compiles and produces a full color, all school, distinctive yearbook, that is available to each West family that pays West Parent Group Dues. In order to ensure that all children at West School are represented in the yearbook, numerous volunteers are needed to photograph classroom events & activities as well as school events, and assist with design and layout for this special project.



Each year, a number of festive activities and events are planned to celebrate the graduation of the West school fifth grade children from elementary school into middle school. Some of these activities include: Field/Fun Day when 5th grade children will engage in fun water activities and field games; Adults Cocktail Party for parents of graduating fifth grade children; Graduation Breakfast and Ceremony; and Pool Party to give the graduates one last time to celebrate together as a graduating class. Several volunteers are needed to assist the co-chairs with the organization and smooth implementation of various graduation activities. If you are the parent of a fifth grader and want to ensure that your child has a fun-filled & memorable 5th grade graduation, then this is your chance!