Library Birthday Club



One of West Parent Group's most successful programs is the Library Birthday Club. Our children and library have greatly benefited from the many contributions this program has generated in the past.

In addition to helping keep our library's inventory of books and materials current, one of the goals of the Library Birthday Club is to create an awareness of the need to support our community libraries. It gives our children an early example of the commitment that must be made in order to keep our library strong. Another goal of the Library Birthday Club is to encourage our children to enjoy the "gift of giving" on their birthday, a day often reserved for receiving.

Once your child joins the club, his or her name is posted in our library, and a book is purchased in his or her honor. The purchased book is displayed in the library during your child's birthday month, and your child is the first to borrow the book.

To become a member of the Library Birthday Club, simply complete the form below and along with a check payable to West School, drop it off in the envelope in the West School office.

Thank you so much for your support of the West School Library! :)

Don Geddis,
Oct 28, 2010, 9:09 PM